A ghostwriter is also a writer and has several tricks up his sleeve. An experienced ghostwriter would know the writing world quite intimately. Their clients, however, may be novices in writing or at best have a flair for it. It is therefore necessary for a ghostwriter to guide their clients on the best possible ways to put their thoughts into writing.

Value addition not only enhances the experience of clients but also results in additional income. Take, for instance, a customer who wants to get his memoirs ghostwritten. The customer may have a wry sense of humor, and a ghostwriter’s job is to maintain the original voice.

A writing assignment is unlikely to be standalone, in the sense that ultimately the manuscript has to be printed in electronic or book form. Here ghostwriters can add value by advising the customer on approaching publishers and agents, writing the query letter, jacket blurb, synopsis, and the like. All this assistance can amount to a tidy sum of money. But more than that, a satisfied customer is likely to return for more.

If the customer wishes to promote his work on the internet, there are several easy ways which a writer is usually familiar with. Assisting your customer to reach out to his prospective clients would be greatly appreciated. For example, a ghostwriting assignment can be followed up with a series of search engine optimized articles on the Internet, leading to awareness and ultimate success of the book.

There are several self-publishing firms, which your customer may need. Having a business relationship with such publishers can help get the book published. The customer would appreciate guidance in this matter.

As far as the actual writing goes, a well-stocked library with books on jokes, quotations, and a good dictionary can be quite useful in giving quality output. Suggestions on the structure of the booking flow and other details should be properly communicated, and any differences sorted out before actual writing. Planning and working from a common platform would save time at a later date and also result in a quality product. Remember that your commitment is towards quality writing and not simply to appease the customer.

Your continued efforts to add incremental value to your work would finally amount to genuine customer satisfaction.