Writing is an art, which is mastered only by some and not many. It is difficult to express one’s thoughts in words. A good writer takes the reader to the situation where the story is taking place. Transporting the reader to that time frame and place is the quality of a professional writer. Another major quality is to write in simple language and engage the reader. These are qualities of a good writer.

There are many ways and styles of writing. The secret of speed writing is to first collect your thoughts together and concentrate on the subject matter. You don’t have to be an expert on that topic. Step one is to go to Google, Yahoo, or MSN search and type the keyword of the article. Open three to four sites, which have maximum information. Remember not to copy and paste. This is only for reference. You need not copy what is there on another site. Read the sites and get a grasp on the topic. After thoroughly reading those sites, jot down 4 points that you feel are relevant to your article. With this, your research work is over. While you have read the sites, most of the information has got registered in your subconscious mind. You will be surprised how it all comes on paper when you start writing. All this takes around fifteen minutes max.
Step two is to start writing. Have a punch line ready to grasp the attention of the reader. A question or unraveling a secret generates curiosity. For example, if you are writing about credit cards, say that did you know that the interest rates have come down? Or give a title that grabs attention like “truths about credit card usage,” and so on. Give the reader ample information that he is not aware of.

Remember that every sentence you write should be informative and not away from the subject. Do not deviate from the topic. Have the introduction in 4-5 sentences. Here, introduce the purpose of the article and say what exactly the keyword means. The next two paragraphs of 4-5 sentences become the body of the article. Here, explain the topic in detail and refer to the four points you jotted down from your research.

Finally, the conclusion here makes a general statement about the topic you have written about. Hint at other points that are connected to the topic, but you haven’t mentioned and sum up the article. Lo! Behold. You have your 400-word article in less than half-hour ready for publication.